Monday, February 25, 2013

2/25 Bracketology


1. Indiana
16. Mercer/Southern

8. Virginia Commonwealth

4. Georgetown
13. Akron

5. Ohio State
12. Temple

2. Kansas
15. Northwestern State

7. Memphis
10. Colorado

3. Michigan State
14. South Dakota State

6. Pittsburgh
11. Belmont


1. Florida
16. Niagara

8. Wichita State
9. Oregon

4. Wisconsin
13. Louisiana Tech

5. Oklahoma State
12. Indiana State/Boise State

2. Michigan
15. Montana

7. San Diego State
10. Iowa State

3. Arizona
14. Harvard

6. North Carolina State
11. Middle Tennessee State


1. Duke
16. Norfolk State/Charleston Southern

8. Missouri
9. Creighton

4. Kansas State
13. Bucknell

5. Butler
12. Villanova

2. Gonzaga
15. Long Beach State

7. Cincinnati
10. La Salle

3. Louisville
14. Davidson

6. Minnesota
11. California


1. Miami (FL)
16. Robert Morris

8. Colorado State
9. Oklahoma

4. Marquette
13. Valpo

12. St. Mary's/Kentucky

2. Syracuse
15. Northeastern

7. Saint Louis
10. North Carolina

3. New Mexico
14. Stony Brook

6. Notre Dame
11. Ole Miss

Last 4 in: Indiana State, St. Mary's, Boise State, Kentucky
First 4 out: Arizona State, Virginia, Maryland, Baylor
Next 4 out: Charlotte, Southern Miss, Tennessee, St. John's

Teams in BOLD are auto-bids

EDIT: Forgot Illinois. Meant to include them as a 7 seed. Sorry, guys :/


  1. There is no way illinois falls out of the tournament after losing to Michigan. I am guessing you just forgot them.

    1. yeah, i forgot the Illini. They would have been a 7 seed.

  2. Hello-

    Thanks for these excellent brackets. However to include Ole Miss, Villanova, Temple, Indiana State, St. Mary's, Boise State, Kentucky and even Arizona State, before Virginia is a travesty.:)

    I hope you'll be updating this fine bracket on Friday when Virginia takes down duke in Cville tomorrow night at 9pm on ESPN. :)

    I am shocked UVa isn't already in your bracket having shown we can go toe to toe at Miami, dispatched the Terps at College Park, took down the Pack and Heels at the JPJ, and paid back the Jackets (who beat us in January in Atlanta) by 28 this past Sunday. We also dispatched the badgers at Kohl early on - pretty much without our point guard jontel evans - and beat Tennessee as well. yes we have some sucky losses - but all due to said PG absence (and other players) and losses at George Mason and Delaware were Nov 9 and 13 respectively (closing in on 4 months ago) with ZERO POINT GUARDS of three we had coming into season (evans, teven jones, malcom brogdon). And yes - these are excuses - when this team that doesn't exist any more - lost to Delaware we then lost out on two high RPI games at the MSG in the preseason NIT and instead got two wins over lowly rated North Texas and Lamaar - yes our fault - but not intentional weak sister scheduling.

    The loss to ODU on neutral site in December was a perfect storm of no Jontel Evans, Joe Harris with the flu, a super motivated in-state mid major, a red hot 3 baller, and horrible officiating. yes, excuses all.

    Anyway we are not that team anymore. I wonder if you've watched us recently? I do hope you'll be watching tomorrow night at 9pm eastern on ESPN when the clearly NCAA caliber Cavaliers take on duke. thanks.

    Since January - the losses at Clem, Wake and GT just cannot be looked at as terrible losses - see Wake over Miami, and Clem 1 possession from beating mia and ncsu. We scored 82 at the Deane Dome but were beaten by a red hot UNC, and came down to final 6 seconds tied at Miami last week. If you will go find that game and watch it - you'll see we are clearly an NCAA team. (without our disastrous rpi bombing Delaware/NIT debacle I'm confident our RPI would be in the 40's or 50's at worst. Do you follow Ken Pomeroy? We're only ranked 17 there - and 27 in the ESPN BPI power ratings.

    anyway, thanks for your work. I look forward to the wahoos inclusion in your esteemed bracket at its next update.

    Thanks for all the work.